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Field Experience: Learning from the Battlefield


While weapons and tactics change, human nature, the effects of terrain, and the Principles of War do not (even though some would argue the latter). The study of our nation's battlefields offers unlimited opportunities to analyze the art of war, using the contested ground as the laboratory. The Military Staff Ride, through the proper use of its three phases, is a dynamic learning experience, and provides an excellent morale tool through a physically and mentally rewarding group exercise.


The Preliminary Study phase is accomplished through read-ahead materials provided by Battle Focus, as well as through recommended readings. This phase is completed with Battle Focus' audio-visual presentations given immediately before the second, or Field Study phase. During this phase, the participants walk the ground and see and feel the terrain while discussing the battles and leaders. Using maps, charts, group formations, and battle flags, the participants "relive" the combat on the very ground upon which it occurred. The Staff Ride concludes with the Integration Phase, usually conducted on the battlefield, in which the historical lessons learned are transcribed for modern usage by today's warfighters. 


15 to 45 (limited by single bus capacity) preferred.  Larger groups may be handled upon request.

Length of Program

One to three days 
Each itinerary developed to the time available, group size, and military occupational skills or leadership needs.



Sample Brice's Crossroads Itinerary
Sample Shiloh Itinerary
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