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The study of our nation's conflicts provides innumerable examples of good and bad leadership that can be transcribed into lessons for modern leaders, both business and military. Many leadership books have been written on this premise, usually focusing on a particular military personality as the leadership example. Battle Focus studies the leaders and the battles they fought, on the ground that they fought. The situation, the terrain, the personalities and mindsets of the leaders are analyzed. The courses of action are dissected, and the vision and daring (or lack thereof) of the leaders are discussed and applied to modern situations.





Confucius stated, "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand." With this axiom in mind, lecture time in Battle Focus leadership seminars is kept to a minimum, laying the foundation of the battle or campaign. The situations, the key personnel, their perceived missions, and the campaign and/or battle overview is discussed. The participants then travel to the field, spending the majority of the available training time on the grounds of the fighting and maneuvering.  They see; they do; and they understand. The onsite visits bring the event and the decisions to life by providing a lasting mental image which has been physically experienced on the contested ground.  Thorough group discussion  while "on the ground" brings understanding of the depth, responsibility, and consequences of leadership decisions at every level. Aside from understanding the leaders and how they came to their decisions, the participants experience a camaraderie gained from a unique "seminar in the field."   The seminar is concluded with an integration, or lessons learned, phase in the lecture room.

Seminar Composition

Corporate or military leaders
Seminar size is 15 to 45 (limited by single bus capacity)

Seminar time

One to four days 
Each seminar developed to the time available, group size, and corporate or military needs.


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