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Brice's Crossroads Staff Ride Itinerary


0800-0900 Briefing, Battle of Brice's Crossroads, Executive Inn, Tupelo, MS
0900-0915 Break, prepare to depart
0915-0945 Bus to Booneville Council of War site
0945-1000 Forrest's Council of War, 9 June 1864
1000-1020 Bus to Old Carrollville and Wire Road
1020-1030 Old Carrollville
1030-1040 Bus to Brice's Crossroads Museum
1040-1100 Break at museum
1100-1110 Bus to first CSA battle line
1110-1200 Walk route of 7th TN CSA
1200-1230 Picnic lunch at Brice's Crossroads
1230-1240 Bus to Log Cabin Knoll
1240-1300 Fight at Tishomingo Creek bridge
1300-1310 Bus to Haddon Ridge
1310-1320 Fight at Haddon Ridge
1320-1330 Bus to White House Ridge
1330-1350 Fight at White House Ridge
1350-1405 Bus to Hatchie Bottom
1405-1415 Pursuit at Hatchie Bottom
1415-1430 Bus to Stubbs Farm
1430-1445 Bus to Brice's Crossroads
1445-1505 Integration Phase
1505-1515 Bus to Brice's Crossroads Museum
1515-1545 Visit museum
1545-1600 Bus to Executive Inn, Tupelo

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