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Shiloh Staff Ride Itinerary
“Clausewitz: Leadership, Teamwork, and Shiloh”


0800-0815 Travel from motel to Corinth Trailhead Park
0815-0835 Strategic significance of Corinth, MS
0835-0845 Travel to Rose Cottage site
0845-0915 Walk to C.S. General's headquarters (Oaks, Duncan, Curlee houses)
0915-0945 Travel historic Ridge Road to Squire Moore's
0945-1000 Frustrations and delays plague the Confederate march
1000-1015 Travel to Mickey's farm (Pebble Hill)
1015-1030 Delays, delays, delays, and Johnston loses his temper
1030-1045 Travel to intersection of Pittsburg-Corinth-Bark roads
1045-1110 Johnston's ad hoc Council of War, 5 April 1862
1100-1125 Travel to Shiloh picnic area
1125-1155 Box lunch
1155-1205 Travel to Fraley Field
1205-1230 Opening shots of Battle of Shiloh, 6 April 1862
1230-1240 Travel to Peabody Mortuary Monument
1240-1255 Attack on Peabody's brigade, Prentiss' U.S. division
1255-1305 Travel to Rea Field
1305-1330 Attack on Hildebrand's brigade, Sherman's U.S. division
1330-1340 Travel to Shiloh Methodist Church
1340-1400 Attack on Buckland's brigade, Sherman's U.S. division
1400-1420 Travel to Gladden Mortuary Monument
1420-1435 Attack on Miller's brigade, Prentiss' U.S. division
1435-1445 Travel to U.S. left flank
1445-1505 Attack on Stuart's brigade, Sherman's U.S. division
1505-1510 Travel to Johnston Mortuary Monument
1510-1530 Death of Johnston
1530-1535 Travel to Peach Orchard and Sunken Road
1535-1555 Walk Sunken Road to Ruggles' Battery
1555-1605 Travel to Shioh museum and bookstore
1605-1630 Visit bookstore and museum
1630-1640 Walk through U.S. Cemetery to Pittsburg Landing
1640-1730 Travel to motel, Corinth

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