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Cooperation for a Successful Mission


Successful operations require teamwork to succeed; thus, the study of these operations reveals teamwork paradigms, good and bad, all at levels. Battle Focus analyzes military battles and campaigns, as well as personalities, providing examples for studies on cooperation and teamwork.


Battle Focus Leadership Training involves on-the-ground battlefield studies, involving the participants in the teamwork required of soldiers in battles past. Whether the example is the army commander and his generals executing the tactics to win, or an artillery crew performing intricately timed cooperative actions to fire a single round, the participants feel the action by visiting the exact ground of that action. The necessity of teamwork, practice, dedication to the mission, and loyalty to the team is stressed through the historical example and then transcribed to modern application. Classroom time is limited to historical overview of the military action prior to field study, and a wrap-up phase to discuss lessons learned and future application of these lessons. 

Seminar Composition

Corporate or military personnel
Seminar size is 15 to 45 (limited by single bus capacity)

Seminar Time

One to four days 
Each seminar developed to the time available, group size, and corporate or military needs. 


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