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"I think your briefings were simply outstanding. I finally understood the geography at Vicksburg."
"You literally kept me on the edge of my seat with your descriptions of the action. I was ready to jump at any time!"
"After your talk to us, you could run for mayor of Aberdeen [Mississippi] and be elected." speech at the Aberdeen Symposium
"A measure of Marine scuttlebutt this week indicated that your lecture on the Vicksburg Campaign and the Battle of Raymond was clearly the highlight of our recent PME into Mississippi. Several senior staff members noted that your presentation was unequalled in both information and entertainment. Your ability to intertwine warfighting and the principles of war was 'rounds on target."
"Your talk was exceptionally interesting. You identified historical resources in the Edwards area that I did not know exist. This talk was motivational and encouraging - just what we needed." speech to the Friends of Edwards society
"Your talk on terrorists and the future of American warfare was right on the money."
"I would tell you how well your speech was received, but I think the standing ovation spoke for itself."
"You bowled us over with your knowledge and style."
"Your lectures were vastly interesting, instructive, and exciting."

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