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"I have listened and learned from you in ways you may not ever be aware of. You are a true example of a mentor and warrior."
"At Brice's, Parker was formidable and phenomenal. Parker Hills is a 'keeper.'"
"We had the opportunity to go where they did and see what they saw. This was not a tour for the amateur. The significant crossroads and trails . . . the background and understanding of the area, it was truly significant to stand there and know and appreciate."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the field tour, particularly the hiking . . . I don't think I could have been more pleased with Parker Hills."
"You were outstanding at Champion's Hill and Brice's Crossroads. The handouts were cogent and eminently useful. Your presentations were a model, and one rarely equalled, for battlefield guides. . . . I am compelled to say that I have never seen anyone perform not only better, but significantly the best."
"Many thanks for a delightful and enlightening tour. It was the third time I have toured Champion's Hill and the first time that I understood the topography and how the battle was fought."
"You helped me understand why it happened."

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